Hello everyone!

New campus and new official page. This year I have a new fellow partner, European Sports Dreamers (ESD), who will help me and my brother with the Summer Camp.

For this reason, the website will be available in both Spanish and English. However, the camp is only targeted for Swedish kids at the moment. Although I won´t be able to be there since the beginning due to work commitments, I will be there with my brother not only to give a conference to the participants, but I will also be a part of the staff at the end of the week.

Along with two or three people from our partners in Spain who speak perfect English and Spanish, Jakop and Filip will be at the Staff of the campus with the same enthusiasm as always. In addition, we will try to find the best solutions in terms of accommodation for parents and other companions who would like to stay. Throughout the week of the camp, everyone will be able to enjoy different recreational activities.

Even though the camp planning may suffer some changes depending on the weather forecast, everything will be just like previous editions or even better. Therefore, I am so glad not only to continue with this project that we have been carrying out, but to be able to raise the product with our Spanish partner.

This is a unique trip for all the participants that come, so you should reserve your place as soon as possible, since they are limited places.